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  • 7-Series Strut Mounts

    The Klo-Shure 7-series is sized for use with elastomeric insulation. Due to its unique design, the Klo-Shure Insulation Coupling fills the void...

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  • 8-Series Strut Mounts

    A single piece product, the Klo-Shure 8-series Insulation Coupling installs in seconds and requires no assembly, saving the installer time and...

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  • 9-Series Strut Mounts

    The Klo-Shure 9-series Insulation Couplings is sized for use with fiberglass insulation. Due to its unique design, the Klo-Shure Insulation...

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  • Clevis Hanger

    The Klo-Shure Clevis Hanger system is designed to suspend insulated tube and pipe runs in clevis applications, while maintaining the integrity of...

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  • 9-Series Metric

    The Klo-Shure 9-series Metric has the same great benefits as its original 9-series counterpart, but is now specifically sized for use with metric...

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