9-Series Metric Pipe

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The Klo-Shure 9-Series Metric Pipe has the same great benefits as its original 9-series...


The Klo-Shure 9-Series Metric Pipe has the same great benefits as its original 9-series counterpart, but is now specifically sized for use with metric polypropylene piping systems. Like other members of the Klo-Shure family, the 9-Series Metric fills the void left by your typical strut clamp, allowing the contractor to secure tube and pipe runs against damage from shock and vibration, while fully insulating the tube and pipe runs. The Klo-Shure 9-Series Metric ensures a complete vapor barrier, eliminating mold and corrosion risk, making it ideal for use in the plumbing and HVAC industries. It supports metric polypropylene pipe sizes between 25mm- 90mm, 1" insulation wall thickness, and is sized for use with fiberglass insulation. The 9-Series is acceptable for horizontal, vertical, and inverted installations.
  • Made in USA
  • UL Classified Flame/Smoke for use in plenums
  • Eliminates insulation compression
  • Improved finished appearance - no cutting, taping, gluing, or foam necessary
9-Series Metric Pipe
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    Part # Series Insulation Thickness Unit Line Size Insulation Type
    928M25 Metric 1" Carton - 10 25 mm Fiberglass Request Price
    928M32 Metric 1" Carton - 10 32 mm Fiberglass Request Price
    928M40 Metric 1" Carton - 10 40 mm Fiberglass Request Price
    928M50 Metric 1" Carton - 10 50 mm Fiberglass Request Price
    928M63 Metric 1" Carton - 10 63 mm Fiberglass Request Price
    928M75 Metric 1" Carton - 10 75 mm Fiberglass Request Price
    928M90 Metric 1" Carton - 10 90mm Fiberglass Request Price

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