We are never surprised at the variety of applications and industries our products are put to use in. We were lucky enough to hear first-hand from a client who used our Klo-Shure 7 Series and Clevis Hanger Insulation Couplings for the first time in a patented Chilled Water LED lighting system to achieve an ultra-clean look.

“Your products work wonderfully for what they were designed to do.”

With more than 15 years of experience in the pipe fitting industry, John realized that traditional clamping methods were ill-suited for his insulated chilled water application. After researching alternatives to traditional clamps, John even considered creating his own in-house clamping solution. John told us he was very pleased and grateful to have found our Klo-Shure clamping products. When asked what kind of improvement our clamps made over products he had used in the past he replied, “The Klo-Shure insulation coupling results in a nice and tight 100% vapor-barrier, that also looks amazing.” John has used countless clamping products throughout his years working in the construction and manufacturing industries and says he would “10 out of 10” recommend our products. That means a lot to us!