VRF installation with Klo-Shure coupling and Strut Clamps

We’re always thrilled when customers learn about Hydra-Zorb’s other great products and improve their installation methods by using our pipe and tube support systems together.

A large HVAC/Refrigeration Contractor was looking for an improved method to hold hundreds of insulated VRF lines more neatly for a heating and cooling application in a 17,000+ square foot facility.  The engineering team had tried other installation methods such as clevis hangers and strut clamps to secure the VRF lines but were not satisfied with the results.

After searching google for a specific VRF solution, they found Hydra-Zorb’s TRH Hanger. Our sales staff answered some questions about TRH Hangers and the benefits of using this product in combination with Klo-Shure strut-mounted clamps. “You guys are taking it to the next level, almost like inventing a new mousetrap for VRF systems”.

After installing them, they found that Hydra-Zorb products made for a tighter and cleaner installation for this particular VRF application.

"Hydra-Zorb's TRH Hanger not only allowed us to install multiple insulated lines more quickly with less hardware, but used in conjunction with Klo-Shure improved the finish appearance, and offered us the added bonus of protection with the vapor barrier provided by the Klo-Shure insulation coupling."

Customer satisfaction is our priority!  If you are looking for better superior project results from start to finish, call our sales staff.  We would love to hear about your application and help you come up with an efficient and effective solution.