When B & I Contractors of  Ft. Myers, FL were tasked with installing a 22-ton air handling unit for C & W Network - the largest cable and wireless network servicing the Caribbean - they looked no further than Hydra-Zorb’s Titan Riser.  Sonny Hawkins, from B & I Contractors previewed the Titan Riser at Hydra-Zorb’s booth in Chicago at the 2018 AHR Expo show this past January. Sonny recognized Riser’s function, impeccably finished look, and easy installation as the perfect product they needed to complete the job.

The Titan Riser is designed to secure tube and pipe runs against damage from shock and vibration, while fully insulating the tube and pipe runs in vertical riser installations.  

B & I are always searching for new and innovative solutions, and rarely encounter products where the function and appearance are in total harmony.  The install at C & W required a vertical penetration through a floor that is exposed. Titan Riser provided a professional, finished look, while fully insulating the tubes and creating a vapor barrier that ensured the critical servers stay cool.  

“Anybody that cares about bringing value to the services they provide their customers should definitely consider incorporating Hydra-Zorb products into their systems. When someone walks on a jobsite and sees flawless execution they know it’s a job B & I has done.” says Hawkins.   

Hawkins takes pride in each and every one of their installations.  They use only the best products for their applications ensuring their signature end result - impeccable finish.  

We, at Hydra-Zorb, are thrilled that the Titan Riser met and exceeded their expectations.  We can’t wait to partner with B & I, and other contractors, on future HVAC installs.