While walking through a patient services building at a local hospital, I noticed a flyer with the headline “Donate Your Passenger Seat.” The goal was to recruit volunteers to drive cancer patients to and from their treatments. I was not aware of the struggle that thousands of individuals experience getting themselves back and forth for their cancer treatments. It made me wonder how many people go through this struggle alone. The thought quickly shifted from the problem to creating a solution. How could Hydra-Zorb help these patients out?

In a company brainstorming meeting, many ideas were thrown around, ranging from buying a van, hiring a full-time employee to do the driving, helping with scheduling, and other creative but impractical ideas.

After much discussion, we agreed to get the professionals at ACS involved. We met with representatives from the American Cancer Society, and sadly discovered that only 72% of the rides requested through the ACS in Oakland County, MI were provided. And, a staggering 28% had no way to get to their life-saving treatment - meaning that many treatable cancers would now be fatal.

Helping to fund their Road To Recovery program was an obvious decision for us. They have the infrastructure, the people, and additional ways to support cancer patients. We are so proud to join in supporting this great cause.

How can individuals help? The American Cancer Society Road to Recovery is now accepting applications for volunteer drivers, so if you have a reliable set of wheels, and can volunteer to drive, this is a great cause to be a part of. 

Get involved!