A local California grocery store, Orchard Nutrition, was seeking to replace their existing HVAC with a more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and safer VRF system. Seeking a more desirable clamping system than products offered to him, Dan Borland, of Phil Carpenters A/C & Heating sought out Hydra-Zorb’s Cushion Clamp.

hydra-zorb cushion clamp

Dan visited the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas to seek out more contemporary solutions that incorporate code-compliance with best practice installation. There, Borland visited our booth, and discovered Hydra-Zorb’s Cushion Clamp. He saw the value in the fast and efficient installation, and its effectiveness in keeping the insulation integrity intact. He installed the cushion clamp at Orchard Nutrition to meet the needs of the project. Dan’s design was to clamp over the ¼” soft drawn copper tubing, which was clad with special hard jacketed insulation. The cushion kept the edges of a metal clamp from harming the insulation. A 1965 designed clamp still working with 21 st century technology. Compared to the previous methods of U-clamps and EMT clamps, Borland was impressed with the properties of the HZ cushion clamp. Borland anticipates using more of Hydra-Zorb’s products on future projects, including the Klo-Shure insulation coupling which would also be ideal for this application.

If you haven’t been to the annual AHR Expo show like Dan, check us out this January 22nd – 24th in Chicago, Booth #S7134 and see how Hydra-Zorb is setting the standard for industrial clamping systems for the refrigeration, plumbing, machine tool, and hydraulics industries.