50 years after the invention of the cushion clamp, Hydra-Zorb is still innovating with the launch of new products, as well seeking new processes to increase efficiency, which help decrease our global footprint.

As we rolled into the 1990’s, Hydra-Zorb Company had two injection molding machines: a 1978 Van Dorn and a 1982 Reed. Just think of the largest car from your childhood. Now triple it. These machines were bigger.

Over the years we added machinery to satisfy our expanding product lines and growing customer demand. And in May 2016, when we packed up and headed for our new facility, we determined that the purchase of any new molding machines would be all-electric molding machines. After careful research we learned that the switch from a hydraulic machine to an all-electric could achieve an energy-savings upwards of 50%. As odd as that sounds, an all-electric molding machine uses less power during every cycle of the machine.

Our switch was beneficial, and our new JSW machines allowed us to not only reduce our power usage but also increase our precision and repeatability. We still have a few hydraulic molding machines in our production facility, but they are slated to be phased-out over the next two years.

In addition to switching to electric molding machines, we changed the design of the tooling and the manufacturing processes of all our products; Hydra-Zorb® Cushion Clamp, Klo-Shure® Insulation Coupling, the new Bronco Saddle®, and the Titan Insulation Riser®. These changes allowed us to decrease the size of the new machines required to mold the parts. These design changes also reduced the amount of scrap material that was generated during the molding process. New machines and new tooling design have enabled us to satisfy customer orders in a matter of hours. Years ago, simple orders would take unnecessarily long to fulfill.

We are a company founded on service, trust, and making the best products for our customers. We strive to provide customers with value and exceptional customer service. Oh, and we keep expanding our size ranges for Klo-Shure (21 new sizes) and the new 8” nominal pipe Hydra-Zorb cushion clamp. The largest in the industry.