A family owned and operated mechanical contractor company based in the Winnepeg area in Canada understands the value in providing products that are consistently good in their quality and performance.  This is why they worked with one of our international suppliers, to order our original and proven winner Cushion Clamps on a few of their larger projects.

The project was for an external urban building retrofit of a commercial HVAC system requiring a rust and corrosion-free cushion clamp.  Hydra-Zorb’s Cushion Clamps solved their problem.  Not only did our cushion clamps resist deterioration and the outside elements, they also impressed the contractor with the rigidity of the pipe after the install.  

This Winnepeg mechanical contractor highly recommends Hydra-Zorb’s products. The Canada-based company felt that our products were easy to acquire and install, with only one man and one tool needed for assembly after the base channel was in place.  Check out Hydra-Zorb’s proven products for your next refrigerant and industrial clamp needs.