It’s a classic “friend of a friend” situation. A fellow business owner in Auburn Hills was speaking to a friend who scouts locations for commercials. Jeff told Ryan that Hydra-Zorb had just finished building a new manufacturing facility that may fit his needs.

The shoot was for a Michigan-based health insurer. They wanted to use our warehouse to film a portion of the 30-second spot. After touring the facility, they asked if they could film additional scenes in the office as both locations were perfect for them. You wouldn't expect a place that makes cushion clamps and pipe risers to be the ideal place to shoot a commercial, but check out our new warehouse and office space in Auburn Hills and your mind might be surprised. We're not just your ordinary "parts" factory. Our cool new digs feature a high-tech cafeteria, comfortable lounge area, and state-of-the-art conference rooms. The whole space has the wide-open feel of a modern loft. 

The commercial team stayed on site for about 6 hours to shoot only ½ of the commercial. You realize the amount of work that goes into filming commercials. We’ll be excited to see the finished product when it’s out later this year. Unfortunately we can't say the name of the company, but be sure to look out for our space on tv as it should be airing in the coming months.  And while we haven't built our "cushion-clamp app" where our customers can order online and pick up in person ala Starbucks, feel free to stop by if you're in the neighborhood :-)