Applications for High-Temp Cushion Clamps

High-Temp Cushion Clamps

Need a high-temp clamp for ANYWHERE higher pipe-processing temps are a concern? These clamps got game! When you see green, think endurance.

Our High-temp cushion clamps are made of carbon steel and provide heat-resistance up to 338° F. We looked at the emerging applications our high-temp cushion clamps were being used in, and answered the call for durability! We engineered our high-temp cushion clamps specifically for brewing systems, HVAC/R, and plumbing/mechanical applications. Our clamps have a temperature rating of -65°F to +338° F.

Hydra-Zorb high-temp clamps have many of the same features our customers love and are incredibly trustworthy at resisting most fuels, oils, gasses, greases, solvents, mineral acids, and other harsh materials. And unlike other clamps, the assembly is a piece of cake requiring only a single hand or power wrench for fast and simple installation.

And we still offer a wide range of sizes and materials that made our original cushion clamps so popular. So check them out, they're available to order 24/7 online in 304 and 316 stainless steel and aluminum (special order) - with multiple O.D. tube and Nominal pipe sizing.

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