As Bronco Saddles’ popularity grows in the U.S. as the preferred support system for pipe and tube runs among refrigeration contractors and engineers, international distributors are also taking notice.

Bronco Saddle is Hydra-Zorb’s one-piece, lightning-fast-to-install support for insulated tube and pipe runs.

Although there are thousands of pipe support options in Japan, Murasho Corp., the largest Armaflex distributor in Japan, has successfully approached their refrigeration contractors with Hydra Zorb’s Bronco Saddle.

Murasho Corp. CEO Sam Murayama, told Sales Manager Karen Compton that mechanical contractors and engineers in Japan have hundreds of Japanese pipe support options available to them, but none of them is perfect, especially where a larger pipe is used.

“Most of our refrigeration contractors are using copper pipe and armaflex, and require a more reliable system to support the extreme weight of the refrigeration agent. Existing support options available to Japanese distributors do not allow them to comply with the appropriate thickness of insulation required for their refrigeration agents.”      - Sam Muramaya

The Bronco holds the pipe by larger surface area and not by a single point. The easy installation is optimal for pipes running above a channel of any size. This product is very well evaluated by our customers and they continue to request and approve the use of the Bronco Saddle.

Sam Murayama, CEO of Murasho Corp also credited their newfound success in this area to the innovation, and ease-of-use of the Bronco Saddle. We are thrilled our products are well-received in Japan and thank Murasho Corp. for introducing the Saddle to their customers. We wish them continued success!

Bronco Saddle is certified UL 2043 Flame/Smoke for use in Plenums and made of high-strength plastic. Bronco® Saddle fits perfectly on any industry-standard anchor channel and includes a locator for a self-tapping screw (installer provided). View Bronco Saddle in action, Learn more, or request pricing.