The Klo-Shure Insulation Coupling was first designed as an answer to the question of how to properly insulate tube and pipe runs against moisture and corrosion, while at the same time securing the run against shock and vibration. A cushioned strut clamp, such as the Hydra-Zorb cushion clamp, is great for eliminating shock and vibration, but – as we discussed in our article, “Lose the Glue, Foam, and Tape” – if the run has to be insulated, it forces the installer to use unorthodox and messy means to cover the clamp.

The Klo-Shure coupling was designed to fill this void, allowing the installer to avoid the mess by fully insulating the tube and pipe runs without the need for cutting, taping, or foam, maintaining both clamp and insulation integrity, and increasing the longevity of installs.

In 2013, Hydra-Zorb met with the manager of the mechanical engineering department at a major local university, with the intention of using the 7 and 9-Series Klo-Shure couplings on a new campus project. The 7 and 9-Series couplings have been used across the country for hundreds of university projects, making it the industry standard. The manager used the couplings in previous installs, but he mentioned that the patented internal wall design of Klo-Shure would be ideal for riser clamp applications. The company immediately agreed. The result was the Klo-Shure Titan Insulated Riser Clamp.

The new Titan Riser has the same great benefits as the other products in the Klo-Shure family, but now with considerable durability. Each clamp half consists of resilient, high strength TPO plastic molded over an internal 3/16” thick steel plate, both halves secured together with a 1/2” diameter bolt. This gives the clamp a high crush resistance, and a vertical load rating between one-thousand and two-thousand pounds. The patented design is engineered to support high loads, securing the tube or pipe run from shock and vibration, while maintaining the vapor barrier created where the internal coupling wall meets the insulation ends. The resulting assembly not only eliminates damage from shock and vibration, but corrosion and mold risk as well.  No riser clamp product on the market can produce the same results.

The Klo-Shure Titan Riser is available for purchase now, available in 7/8” to 4-1/8” OD tube, and supports insulation thickness from 1” to 1-1/2”.