Common in Europe and Asia, CO2 based refrigeration systems are steadily gaining popularity in the U.S. due to their efficiency, effectiveness, and lower equipment costs.

The main drivers behind increased adoption of the technology are increased energy savings, and significant improvement of the compactness of the new systems. The newer CO2 refrigeration systems can provide energy savings of up to 10-20% for high-temp systems, but require more tenacious hardware to support the high temps these systems generate.

The markedly higher temperatures in the newer CO2 refrigeration systems require a cushion clamp that can tolerate higher temperatures. Since a domestic high-temp product did not exist, the sales team at Hydra-Zorb has been fielding requests at trade shows, and from our existing client base to develop a High-Temp Cushion Clamp.

Hydra-Zorb launched our HT clamps on May 1st of this year, and now manufactures high temperature (HT) Cushion Clamps with a heat-resistance of up to +338°F. The clamps are manufactured with TPE plastic and available in over 50 OD Tube and Nominal Pipe size combinations.

The new HT Cushion Clamps are specifically designed for longer durability in HVAC/R, Plumbing/Mechanical, Brewing Systems, and anywhere higher pipe processing temperatures are a concern.

The quality and ease-of-installation our customers have come to expect are also available in our HT Cushion Clamps. The new “blue” HT clamps can be assembled or disassembled with a single hand or power wrench, and will resist most fuels, oils, gasses, greases, solvents, mineral acids and other harsh materials.