Polypropylene (PP) Pipe is labor saving and widely used for HVAC applications. Because of its light weight and outstanding chemical resistance, it's popularity in HVAC, Chilled Water, Compressed Air, Geothermal, and Industrial Piping Applications has grown exponentially.

So when Hydra-Zorb customers repeatedly requested metric size clamps, we took note and developed metric sizes for our original Hydra-Zorb Cushion Clamp and our well-received Klo-Shure 9-Series Insulation Clamp. Our 9-Series Insulation Clamp now supports metric polypropylene pipe sizes between 25mm- 110mm, with 1" and 1 ½” insulation wall thickness for fiberglass insulation. Just like the original 9-Series insulation clamp, the metric sized insulation clamp has the same awesome advantages as its original 9-Series but is now specifically sized for use with metric polypropylene piping systems.

Like other members of the Klo-Shure family, the 9-Series Metric Insulation Clamp eclipses your standard strut clamps, by creating a vapor barrier, eliminating both mold and corrosion risk. The Klo-Shure 9-Series has also become the go-to for contractors because of its excellent finished appearance, which requires no cutting, taping, gluing or foam.

"This product successfully creates a vapor barrier for insulated pipe and tube installations in the metric pipe sizes I needed".

Not only does our insulation clamp protect against damage from vibration, our insulation clamp fully insulates the tube and pipe runs. The Klo-Shure Insulation Clamp is acceptable for horizontal, vertical, and inverted installations, UL flame/smoke rated and made in the U.S.A.  

Learn more about our Klo-Shure 9-Series Metric Insulation Clamp and see our full line of original cushion clamps including Metric Pipe Cushion Clamps designed for Polypropylene Pipe @ hydra-zorb.com