2018 is off to a great start! We are pleased to announce that we now offer 21 new sizes of our award-winning Klo-Shure® 9-Series Strut Mounted Insulation Couplings.

We went “Big” and expanded the Klo-Shure® 9-Series Strut Mounted Insulation Couplings to support larger sizes for 1”, 1 1 /2” and 2” wall insulation thickness including tube and pipe O.D. sizes up to 5 ⅛”. It is also the only insulation clamping system specifically designed for metric pipe with sizes now available up to 110mm size for 1” insulation wall thickness and up to 90mm for 1 ½” wall size.

All the new sizes have the same proven benefits as their original 9-Series counterparts that are meant for use with fiberglass insulation. The tube and pipe runs can be secured against damage from shock and vibration, while ensuring full insulation and eliminating mold and corrosion risk. All 9-Series Insulation Couplings are acceptable for horizontal, vertical, and inverted installations. Same goes for our Klo-Shure 7-Series Insulation Couplings for use with elastomeric insulation.

Klo-Shure 9-Series is utilized in a growing variety of chilled water and refrigeration applications. 9-Series are used in many different industries including Brewery, Food Processing and Ship Building to name a few. Our customers love to tell us about how they are using Klo-Shure. 

Hydra-Zorb is committed to providing the best product and the best service to our customers. We hope these new product offerings will help you better serve your customers.

If you have an application you are using Klo-Shure for, tell us your story and we’ll feature it on our website!

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