Meet Bronco II, the next generation insulation pipe support saddle manufactured by Hydra-Zorb. Bronco II was developed and designed from contractor insight.  We saw a market need for a ridged, universal strut-mounted insulation shield made in the USA. Our customers rely on the quality and service always provided by Hydra-Zorb company. Our new and improved Bronco II fits the bill.         

Distinguished by its predecessor with the versatility of a universal mounting feature, you can now install Bronco II on EITHER side of the strut channel. And talk about handy, Bronco II pipe saddle is engineered with the flexibility to fit on a channel of ANY depth.

Bronco II is even tougher, with extra-strength ribbed sidewalls, and our standard enhanced safety lip to prevent insulation from crushing and tearing from pipe movement. We build and test for safety and longevity right here in the USA. Bronco II is UL Certified 25/50 flame/spread for use in plenums, and manufactured with high-strength Polypropylene Copolymer.

With the same excellent fit and finish as the original Bronco, enjoy flawless and pleasing results upon completion of your project, because Bronco II requires no tools or assembly to install, and comes in black or white to match your insulation.

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