We are pleased to offer a new line of mini-split accessories for the mounting and protection of ductless mini-split systems. Previously, VRF caging systems had to be made on the spot. Homemade cages were still susceptible to vandalism, damage from the elements, and animals. The new galvanized steel, weather-resistant caging systems are designed to fit multiple sizes safely and effectively.  The powder-coated protection has been tested to replicate ten years in the field. Our new line of mini-split accessories also includes mounting brackets, line set hangers, and condensate trays.

AC Mounting Bracket



These weather-resistant, steel mesh guards offer a great solution to protect units from vandalism or accidental damage. Made with galvanized steel, covered in an epoxy powder coating, all of the sliding panels can be easily removed to maintain the unit.  Additional bottom and back panels are available for stand-alone or high wall options. Guards are flat-packed for easy transport and storage.
Download Specs - Max Protect Mini Guards Download Specs - VRV/VRF Protective Guards
Quick and easy assembly saves installation time and cost.  Integral sight level makes correct installation of crossbar easier.  The uprights mount anywhere on the crossbar enabling arm span to be adjusted easily. They are designed to support outdoor ductless split systems up to 550 lbs. All types come with wall spacers to level the arms for a secure fit.
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AC Condensate Tray



Our TRH Hanger system is ultra tough, and can be fitted and adjusted in seconds! Designed to support a pair of insulated flow and refrigerant lines, TRH Hanger provides a tighter and cleaner installation for VRF applications. The hanger's black zinc coating is weather-resistant, offering a corrosion-free appearance regardless of impact from the elements. Download Specs

Our condensate collection trays have an angled profile and a flush mount for a drain hose adapter. The design will minimize the amount of standing water in the tray. These metal trays are plated steel with a polyester powder coating. Available in three sizes to suit many applications. Lightweight plastic trays also available.Download Specs