AHR Expo 2019 is a wrap! Thank you to all of the attendees and exhibitors who came to our booth to check us out! We met people from all over the world. Our protective AC Guards and Bronco Saddles were the stars of our booth, bringing in many inquiries.  

The Bronco Saddle requires no tools or assembly. Our Bronco Saddle is certified UL 2043 Flame/Smoke for use in Plenums and made of high-strength plastic. Bronco┬« Saddle fits perfectly on any industry-standard anchor channel and includes a locator for a self-tapping screw (installer provided). And our customers are eager for Bronco II to become available. Bronco II comes equipped with a universal mounting feature that allows a secure fit on either side of the channel. 

Attendees were also able to check out our tough-as-nails protective AC Guards! Armed against damage from vandalism, the elements, and animals. The new galvanized steel, weather-resistant caging systems are designed to fit multiple sizes safely and effectively. We tested the powder-coated protection to replicate ten years in the field. The Protective AC Guards are part of a new line of Mini-Split Accessories Hydra-Zorb launched in the fall.

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