“This product was a major upgrade at the riser clamping points and leaves us feeling secure the vapor barrier issue has been resolved moving forward."

 ~ Joe C, Piping Superintendent.

Titan Insulation Risers answer the call for a plumbing contractor working on a large dormitory refurb project at a large Midwest University! While searching for a product to control the vapor-barrier on an insulated vertical pipe install, a great lakes area mechanical contractor looked no further than the Hydra-Zorb. The Titan Riser was precisely what they needed to eliminate condensation issues on a vertical pipe project.

After working with our product, the company even changed their internal engineering specifications to use the Titan Insulation Risers on all riser pipe projects in the future. The patented Titan Insulation Riser is made to fit an insulated pipe and create a vapor barrier. The high strength molded TPO plastic will dramatically improve the overall system performance on vertical piping from start to finish. The crush-resistant design is also three times faster to install and secure insulation piping runs. Hydra-Zorb Company has been the leading Manufacturer of clamping products since 1966. We proudly manufacture our products in the USA.