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Hydra-Zorb®Strut Mounted Cushion Clamp Assembly

Hydra-Zorb Cushion Clamps (the original cushioned strut-clamp), secure tube and pipe runs against damage from shock, movement, and vibration, eliminating metal to metal contact. Since their invention in 1966, our clamps have been used for decades in the plumbing, hydraulics, pneumatics, HVAC/refrigeration, car wash, brewing, and paint processing/food processing industries, and are ideal for any application where damage from pipe is a concern.

Key Features

  • Classified 2043(25/50)for use in plenums and air handling systems.
  • Clamps are 1008-1010 carbon steel.
  • Eliminate shock and vibration.
  • Resist most fuels, oils, gases, greases, solvents, mineral acids and other harsh materials.
  • Allow fluid conductors to be added or removed from installations without disturbing adjacent lines.
  • Assembled or disassembled with a single hand or power wrench for fast and simple installation.
  • Permit various size lines to be mixed to suit installation.
  • All metal components have a Trivalent (non-hex plating
  • Available in 304 and 316 stainless steel and aluminum(special order).
  • Available for 1/4" to 6-1/2" 0.D. Tube; 1/4" to 8" nominal pipe.
  • Molded with high0-strength TPF plastic.
  • Temperature rating:-65F to +275F.

Use Recommendations

  • Clamps should be spaced no more than 60 diameter apart or a maximum of 5 feet.
  • All tube, pipe and hose lines are to be secured with clamps and anchoring channel or other similar approved equal method.
  • Only one man and one tool needed for assembly after base channel is in place.
  • Hydra-Zorb struct mounted cushion clamp assemblies include struct clamps with welded fastener,cushion and locknut.

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