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Hydra-Zorb Cushion Clamp
Since their invention in 1966, Hydra-Zorb cushion clamps have been the industry standard for hydraulic and pneumatic clamping systems. They have been used for decades in hydraulic hose and iron pipe systems for heavy industrial equipment, heavy mobile equipment, machine tools, and power transmission systems. Our clamps effectively eliminate damage caused by shock and excessive vibration, and prevent metal-to-metal contact.

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Cushion Clamp Part Number System

Ordering is simple. First, determine if you require tube or pipe series. Second, determine the size of line to be clamped. That's it.

Cushion Clamp Part Number System
All standard clamp assemblies consist of a 6-digit part number. A complete listing of part numbers for the pipe and tube series is on pages 5 - 6 of our product catalog.

The clamp assemblies are shown by series 100 and 200 as:

100 = TUBE (O.D. Tube)
200 = PIPE (Nominal Pipe)

Cushion Size is indicated by decimal inch. See examples above.

Hydra-Zorb Hydraulics FAQ

Did you know Hydra-Zorb Cushion Clamps are rated for use in temperatures ranging from - 60° fahrenheit to 275° fahrenheit. Special high-temperature cushions can be furnished upon request, and support temperatures up to 340° fahrenheit.

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