Hydra-Zorb and Klo-Shure
Ideal for the Refrigeration Industry

Hydra-Zorb cushion clamps have been an industry standard for the HVAC/Refrigeration systems industries for over 50 years. Ideal for large scale, commercial freezing and cooling applications, engineers specify our cushion clamps for use on HVAC and Refrigerant copper lines in supermarkets, hospitals, schools, hotels, and many other commercial/industrial applications. Klo-Shure insulation couplings create a vapor barrier on insulated VRF/VRV systems and refrigerated pipe installations. Our patented system eliminates condensation and mold potential for a superior fit and finish.

Hydra-Zorb for HVAC/Refrigeration

Hydra-Zorb Cushion Clamp
Hydra-Zorb cushion clamps are ideal for use in supermarkets, cold storage facilities, hospitals and universities. The resilient material used on our cushion clamps is resistant to oils, hydraulic fluids, grease, fuels, common solvents, dilute bases, and mineral acids, and do not degrade at temperatures of 275° fahrenheit. Hydra-Zorb is a better system, start to finish.

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Klo-Shure for HVAC/Refrigeration

Klo-Shure 7-Series Insulation Clamp
Manufactured from high-strength TPO plastic Klo-Shure insulation couplings allow the installer to secure tube and pipe runs against shock and excessive vibration, while maintaining a secure vapor barrier against the outside air, greatly reducing mold and corrosion risk.

Due to its patented design, the coupling’s internal wall preserves the integrity of the insulation, eliminating the need for cutting, taping, foam, or gluing. Klo-Shure couplings maintain their integrity over ten years.

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Hydra-Zorb Galvanized Clamps

Hydra-Zorb Cushion Clamps are available in electro galvanized mild steel, yellow trivalent plated mild steel, 304 & 316 stainless steel, and aluminum.

What is the difference between Klo-Shure 7-Series and 9-Series?

Klo-Shure 7-Series is sized to fit with elastomeric insulation, and 9-Series is sized for fiberglass insulation.

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Bronco Saddle for HVAC/Refrigeration

Bronco Pipe Saddle Support

The Hydra-Zorb Bronco fits perfectly on anchor channels of any depth. It is a single piece assembly requiring no assembly. Installation is as simple as snapping it into place within the anchor channel. The enhanced safety lip prevents insulation crushing and tearing from pipe movement, greatly reducing mold and corrosion risk. Available in black and white to match insulation color. Ideal for horizontal installations in supermarkets, cold storage facilities, and universities.

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TRH Hanger for HVAC/Refrigeration

Threaded Rod Hanger

The TRH Hanger System supports a pair of insulated flow and return refrigerant lines on ¼” to ⅜” threaded rod, and also supports a pair of insulated liquid and suction lines. The spring steel rod hanger can be fitted or adjusted in seconds, and the black zinc coating offers corrosion resistance while matching insulation color. The clamp can be detached from the rod hanger and used to secure lines to flat surfaces.

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