Hydra-Zorb Team

Bob - President and CEO

Bob is the brown-haired stepchild of Hydra-Zorb’s founder. He has been with the company through six presidential cycles. He is married with two boys. The older son thinks Bob’s favorite food is raw vegetables; the other son thinks it is hot dogs. His passion is music, and he figures himself a bit of a thespian, playing such diverse roles as an inner-city pimp and an elf on steroids. His knowledge of 70’s Rock and Roll never did earn him a slot on Jeopardy.

Bill - Vice President & Sales Manager

Bill has been with Hydra-Zorb since 1994, but has lived on earth for three-thousand years after his ship crashed and left him stranded here. He manages the sales team, and keeps everybody busy. He has an earth wife and two earth children. His hobbies include golf, boating, and basketball. Like most extra-terrestrials, he enjoys cuisine choices that would appear odd to us, the first among them being macaroni and cheese with ketchup. His go-to dance move is the robot, and his alternate universe of choice is gummy bear world. When asked why, he said, “because everything is made of gummy bears.” It would appear the merits of such a world are obvious.

Karen - Inside Sales

Karen has been with the company since 2014, working in inside sales. Her job is to sell the exceptional, life-changing, true-original, and made-in-the-US Hydra-Zorb and Klo-Shure clamping products. She is a die-hard Spartan fan and a graduate of Michigan State University. She keeps busy being a wife, a mother of two boys, and a fitness junkie, hoping to reclaim her lost love of yoga. Green tea, dark-chocolate, and tropical beach vacations keep her going. She moonlights as a high-seas pirate.

Mark - HVAC Sales Director

Mark described it this way: "It’s 1985, and I’m sitting waiting for the mail to arrive.  Nothing.  Next day: nothing.  And so on.  So I kill time noshing my food favorite – green jelly beans – and tooling around on my best set of wheels, Dad’s blazing red riding mower.  Back to the house again: nothing.  OK, so I turn on the TV.  Now playing: the ad that still can’t be beat, Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef”.  Granny’s awesome!  Hey, does anybody remember the Burger King ad, “Where’s Herb”? Nope.  Nobody remembers Herb.  Wait … a knock at the door.  And – YES – there it is, the arrival of the prized possession of my tender youth.  Who doesn’t like to rock a Sports Illustrated fleece top?  Anyway, it really wasn’t all a waste of time.  In between the beans, the mower, and the TV I dreamed up Venmo, and the ability to pay people via cell phones."  Yes, in 1985, Mark was ahead of his time.  And still is.

Customer Service / Accounting

Heather - Customer Service Representative

Heather has been with the company since 2006. When it comes to customer (external and internal) service, Heather is top notch in the customer service arena. Her caring nature and helpful approach to customers has made a huge impact on Hydra-Zorb’s customer service reputation. As the Guru of all knowledge customer, shipping, products, etc., her brain needed extracting to train new employees. Written off the top of her head, and by picking her brain, a document as large in size as an encyclopedia has been created.

Joan - Customer Service Representative

Joan, being newer to the Hydra-Zorb team, is very cautious in what she tells us. But if you mention the Chevy Chevette, you need to beware. She becomes very animated speaking of her “burnt orange” Chevette. Joan will admit that it was her best car and her worst. We aren’t sure how to understand that analogy. She said she would like to take her family, which includes her husband and four boys (all Eagle Scouts) on a trip around Lake Superior in a Chevette. Along the way enjoying campgrounds and indulging in one of her favorite foods, corn on the cob spread with peanut butter. We are sure it beats many other food combinations but we are still on the hunt for those.

Rise - Controller

Rise has been with Hydra-Zorb since 2007. She is the Controller here, finding fascination and intrigue in the normally mundane world of finance and data management. Rise is unwavering in her commitment to make the world a more secure place, one clamp at a time.

Michele - Finance

Michele started in 2016 and works in finance, assisting the executives and the controller of the company. She is a graduate of Oakland Community College, and enjoys learning new things. She has been married 24 years, and has three children. Her family loves animals – many of which they have rescued, and others they’ve stolen from the neighbors’ yards under the cover of night. Interestingly, Michele is afraid of zombies and the dark, giving her kind, well-meaning children the idea to jump out and scare her whenever possible as a means to cash in early on her life insurance policy. She no longer goes anywhere without a flashlight, and her kids are no longer listed in her will. She eats her chili with sugar… yeah… just let that one sink in.

Plant Operations

Bob R. - Manufacturing Manager

Bob R. has been with Hydra-Zorb for a year now. He's pretty laid back and a hard worker. Although we've never been to his pad (still waiting for our invite), we hear he has a pool, lots of property, and can roast a mean pig. When he's not ripping up sod or planting corn with his tractor, he can be seen off-roading on his 620HP John Deere just North of M-59.

Nicole - Production Manager

Nicole began with Hydra-Zorb in 2003. She became the gold standard in our manufacturing facility. She could out produce anyone in packaging while streaming Netflix and catching up on all her episodes of Who’s the Boss. One day in 2016 we looked over and she was sitting in the office planning all our production. We just smiled and carried on. We are told by her sister that Nicole has superpowers. Now, we haven’t seen her leap over our building but since she has become an avid fan of The Walking Dead, we get a bit leery when she wants to start a softball team at work.

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