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Hydra-Zorb now offers a new line of mini-split accessories for the mounting and protection of...

Hydra-Zorb now offers a new line of mini-split accessories for the mounting and protection of ductless mini-split systems. Previously, VRF caging systems had to be made on the spot. Homemade cages were still susceptible to vandalism, damage from the elements, and animals. The new galvanized steel, weather-resistant caging systems are designed to fit multiple sizes safely and effectively. The powder-coated protection has been tested to replicate ten years in the field. Our new line of mini-split accessories also includes mounting brackets, line set hangers and condensate trays. Less
  • VRF/VRV Protective Guards

    The first flat packed, self assembly guard for protection of outdoor VRF / VRV units. These guards protect the unit against vandalism and...

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  • Collection Trays

    The condensate collection trays are supplied with attachment arms which can be mounted to the brackets. All components are covered in a...

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  • AC Mounting Brackets

    Quick and easy assembly saves installation time and cost. Integral sight level makes correct installation of crossbar easier. The uprights mount...

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    BR1-L Mounting Brackets - - - Buy Now
    BR1-M Mounting Brackets - - - Buy Now
    BR2-L Mounting Brackets - - - Buy Now
    BR2-M Mounting Brackets - - - Buy Now
    BR3-L Mounting Brackets - - - Buy Now
    BR3-M Mounting Brackets - - - Buy Now
    CCT - 94 0 Collection Trays Lightweight - Large - - Buy Now
    CCTM-1100 Collection Trays Heavy Duty - Medium - - Buy Now
    CCTM-1400 Collection Trays Heavy Duty - Large - - Buy Now
    CCTM-800 Collection Trays Heavy Duty - Small - - Buy Now
    MP-CG-L VRF / VRV Protective Guards Large 66lbs - Buy Now
    MP-CG-M VRF / VRV Protective Guards Medium 60lbs - Buy Now
    MP-CG-S VRF / VRV Protective Guards Small 40lbs - Buy Now
    MP-CG-XL VRF / VRV Protective Guards X-Large 88lbs - Buy Now
    MP-VRF-EP-12 VRF / VRV Protective Guards Extender Pack - Large 90lbs - Buy Now
    MP-VRF-EP-6 VRF / VRV Protective Guards Extender Pack - Small 53lbs - Buy Now


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